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Addressable High Temperature (Heat) Detector, XPERT style.


Temperature (heat) detectors have a common profile with ionization and optical smoke detectors but have a low air flow resistance case made of self-extinguishing white polycarbonate. They monitor temperature by using a single thermistor network which provides a voltage output proportional to the external air temperature.
The response to temperature increases of the standard temperature detector enables the detector to be utilised as an EN54 Grade 2 heat detector.
To provide a device for use in ambient temperatures of up to 55°C, a high temperature detector is also available. This has similar characteristics to the standard temperature detector at 25°C but reaches a 55 count (alarm) at 90°C.
Detector Principles: Linear approximation designed to give 25 counts at 25°C and 55 counts at 90°C
Sensitivity: 25°C to 90°C: 2.17°C / Count -20°C returns 20 counts


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