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Context Plus – 1200 lb Clean Agent Cylinder

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Size;  1200 LB

@  Temperature Range: 320F (OOC) to 1300 F (54.40C)

System Operating Pressure: 360 psi at 700F (25.3 kg/cm3 at 21. I OC)

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The CP 91200-E 1200 lb cylinder is filled with one pound increments from a minimum of 519 lb. to a maximum of 1211 lb., to meet the exact amount of agent required. The quantity of agent required for each enclosure can be calculated through version CP 3.10, which contains a sophisticated calculation routine for predicting the two-phase as well as two-component flow of agent and nitrogen through the distribution piping network in quasi-steady state from the initiation of the discharge to final gas blow down. The cylinder is then super-pressurized with dry nitrogen to 360 psi at 700F to provide extinguishment in 10 seconds or less. The 4″ stainless steel valve offers excellent flow characteristics for the liquefied gas, allows for long pipe runs and has a greater coverage area. This is the largest Clean Agent cylinder currently manufactured and designed for very large applications. The 1200 lb. cylinder is manufactured, tested and stamped in accordance with DOT 4BW500.


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